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Crops - The Benefits

Increased yields ( >10%)

Reduced irrigation by 20%

Reduced fertilizers & pesticides

by 10-50% with improved solubility

Increased seed germination
Improved crop uniformity

Makes saline water usable

Increased water productivity

Improved soil infiltration

Better capillary action

Higher moisture retention

Soil desalinisation

Improved soil pH

Less impurities from soils

Better water flow with less pressure

Reduce pump energy by 25%

Extended equipment longevity

Less maintenance

Reduced mineral scale

Reduced corrosion

Solve iron bacteria, algae & biofilm

Increased nutrient content in produce

Reduced heat stress

Increased shelf life of produce

Increased fine root growth

Improved taste of produce

Improved Drift Control


Another 12 and a Half Acres of Land!


"I did some computations based on the results that Gerry Konan's photos show. On his non-treated corn, he had 29,000 plants ... but with Magnation he harvested 29,500 plants. That's 500 more harvested ears of corn per acre. All you have to do is some simple math. I have 720 acres. 500 x 720 = 360,000 plants MORE if you use Magnation for seed germination. THAT'S LIKE HAVING ANOTHER 12 AND A HALF ACRES OF LAND! That's because of the extra seeds that were germinated. If that doesn't convince someone to try Magnation, I don't know what will!"

Scott Bormann, Nebraska

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