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Sustainable and Efficient Facilities

Improve facility management with better water quality, energy efficiency, biosecurity and extend equipment life.

Scale reduction, removal and prevention, solving hazardous biofilm, significant energy savings as well as extending the life your equipment. This is what our solutions bring to the table.

Extend pump, pipes and equipment life, extend maintenance times and save a lot of money on labor costs and reduce downtime.

Reduce water consumption for your irrigation by 20%, and improve sanitation practices for all your water needs from drinking water to wash-down systems.


Our systems require zero maintenance after installation... no filters to replace, no added salts or chemicals, and no electricity. Not only clean and green with zero by-products, but powerfully effective. Expected lifespan: 10+ years.

Our solutions are applicable to many areas including:

Cooling towers, Chillers, Boilers, Pumps and Pipes

HVAC systems

Sanitation / Cleaning

Waste Water

Laundry & Kitchens

Drinking Water & Ice


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