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Sustainable and Efficient Facilities

Solve high TDS, calcium, magnesium, iron

and all hard water problems

without chemicals or acid wash

Remove corrosion & scale

from pumps, pipes, solenoid valves,
motor cooling jackets, cooling towers,

boilers, wheel washes,

pressure washes & other equipment

Increase water flow by 10-15%

decreased pumping costs

use 10-50% less chemicals

reduce pollution

enhances industry image

Extends equipment longevity

including boiler tube life

Reduces maintenance cost

Reduce biofilm

Iron bacteria & rust prevention

Odor control & gasses

Reduces water usage

Saves energy


Softens water without adding salts

  electricity free

maintenance free

Reduces & reverses scale

less detergents & chemicals 

Healthier water for drinking,

cooking and cleaning

Reduces chlorine & pathogens

Extend lifespan of appliances

Better water pressure

Reduce maintenance


58% reduction in blowdown costs

""Using Rainbolt SS 2" on a 2 ton capacity boiler, Naveena Denim Industries has experienced significant reduction in cost of its boiler operations with a payback time of less than 3 months on the investment. Recovery of condensate water decreased from 974 to 754 m3 which means overall efficiency of the boiler inreased by 7.4%. The number of blowdowns decreased from 12 to 5 per 24 hours means more than 58% blowdown cost saved."

Asad Bukhari, Wenergy International, Pakistan

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