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Golf Courses - Benefits

Our products will create healthier soil

and greener more uniform turf,

Reduced use of fertilizer & pesticides,

using 20% less water.

Reduced irrigation by up to 20%

Reduced fertilizers, herbicides,

pesticides & fungicides by 10-50% 

improved solubility

Improved soil infiltration

Improved moisture retention

Reduced friction

better flow with less pressure

Solve dry spots

Denser, greener, more uniform turf

Reduced scale buildup

Reduced corrosion

Extend equipment Lifetime

Reduced maintenance


Algae Obliterator


""I was speaking to my irrigation team and they’ve reported to me that they have seen a significant difference in algae. They haven’t seen any since using Magnation."

Donal Mulvey, Fleet Manager, Emirates Golf Club, Dubai

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