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Greenhouses - The Benefits

Yield increase, better plant vitality, reduced chemicals, feritlisers etc. with less water

and energy for drip irrigation. Chemical-free mineral scale mitigation.

Reduced irrigation by a minimum of 20%

Reduced fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides & fungicides by 10-50%

Improved solubility

Increased seed germination

Increased seedling emergence

Improved crop uniformity

Makes saline water usable

Increased water productivity

Improved soil infiltration

Improved moisture retention

Improved soil pH

Remove impurities from soils

Reduced friction,

Better flow with less pressure

Extended equipment longevity

Less maintenance

Reduced mineral scale buildup

Reduced corrosion

Solve iron bacteria, algae & biofilm

Increased nutrient content in produce

Increased yields by at least 10%

Increased shelf life of produce

Increased fine root growth

Improved taste of produce

Prevent spider mites


Healthier Plants with better color and stronger vigor


"The Pinery has been trialing the Magnation Turfbolt throughout the nursery for several months. We are seeing healthier plants with better color and stronger vigor. We also used it on seed and saw quicker germination. We have been pleased with the results."

Brad Blaes, The Pinery LLC, Escondido, California

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