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Landscape Irrigation Solutions

Reduce water and energy consumption by 20%, increase water flow and pressure, improve plant uniformity and color, prevent and reverse mineral scale buildup.

The quality of the water you use is critical to getting the results you want.


Productive water has better electrons and polarized salts. Our water treatment technology replaces outdated methods of using chemicals to solve hard water issues by transforming hard, saline and previously unusable water to high-quality, soft and productive water with physics, not chemicals.


Our water treatment solutions are a passive, inline system installed at the pump, sprinkler head or hose and treats water without energy or chemicals. Powerful and effective, an environmentally sound solution for short and long-term care cutting down water use and chemicals for a healthier and more beautiful landscape.

Our systems require zero maintenance after installation... no filters to replace, no added salts or chemicals, and no electricity. Not only clean and green with zero by-products, but powerfully effective. Expected lifespan: 10+ years.

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