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Reduced water use by 20%

Improved water quality

Reduced hand watering

Reduced labor and maintenance

Eliminate dry spots

Reduce surface runoff

Improved water penetration

Better moisture retention.

Improved soil & plant health

Leach and neutralize salts

Reduce sodium adsorption

Reduction of diseases

Improved nutrient uptake

Healthier, safer, denser

and more uniform turf

Greener & livier plants


Solve maintenance problems

Less iron bacteria &

hydrogen sulfide odors.

Reduce algae, moss & biofilm.

Prevent scale buildup


Reduced chemicals by 10-50%

Eliminate acid & chlorine washes 

Less wetting agents by 10-30%.

Less chemicals

Improved drift control.

Use less detergents (30%-50%)


Cleaner, More Efficient, Less Waste - Sustainable Municipalities


""Municipality of Borgerodoorn has seen dramatic elimination of high iron and algae in their sweeping machines, no clogging pump and nozzles and extending the filter service from 3-4 weeks to 3-4 months, as well as showing elimination of oxidation ferrous to ferric water."

Municipality of Borgerodoorn, The Netherlands

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