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Boost efficiency in drilling and processing with applied physical liquid dynamics 

Mineral scale and corrosion mitigation and improved viscosity and less friction ensures your pipes, pumps and equipment last longer with less maintenance and less energy.


And your image to be an environmental leader in the world of oil and natural gas production just got easier.

Scaling in tubing, wellbore and in production equipment is a big problem in production of oil and gas. Our unique systems can be installed at the bottom of the well and will drastically reduce the need for down hole chemical injection.


During natural gas processing, scaling also occurs within the entire glycol loop, which reduces the efficiency of heat exchangers and reboilers. Incorporating our solutions scaling is drastically reduced.

By ionizing the water molecules we can reduce the potential for hydrates to form and clog – one of the most dangerous phenomena in oil and gas production.


Reduce the friction of water and drilling mud by 15 - 20% and significantly impact your energy costs.

Big bottom line savings.

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