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Poultry & Pigs - The Benefits

High quality water is essential for the health of humans, animals and plants.


Clean water is not good quality water. Tap water is mechanically filtered many times and forced through straight pipes. As a consequence the water loses its natural balance and that is reflected in the quality of the water. In nature, water never moves in a straight line. It meanders and swirls its way down. The water does this for a reason. It has a self-cleaning and oxygen enriching function. The water vitalises itself.


A water vitalizer restores this natural process. Vital water optimises the transfer of available minerals into the cells, and it allows removal of waste products from the cells. All animals instinctively sense this and will therefore always opt for vital water given the choice being tap and vital water.

The farmer will see the following benefits:

Healthier animals

Improved stable environment

Reduced medicine costs

Reduced veterinary costs

Higher quality meat & eggs

Reduced biofim in system

Once off-investment

No maintenance

No electricity costs

Removal of scale in installations

Lower energy costs

Lower water friction

Longer equipment life

Higher quality manure

Stables easier to clean


"We are seeing less mortality and more consistent weight in our fryer chickens. We are seeing our pipes clean up from scale build-up and our water flow has improved"

Jacob, Glendale Colony Cutbank Montana, USA

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