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3/4" Springbolt

Product Summary


Easy to use, portable and versatile, Springbolt comes in two sizes: 3/4" (small blue) and 1" diameter (large black unit). Springbolt softens water without the use of salts for your showers, faucets, water heaters, dishwashers, laundry, water spigots, garden hoses and sprinklers.


With softer water, the need detergents can be cut in half, you'll experience less biofilm and hard water spots, and enjoy the feel good cleanliness of a healthier, softer bathing experience without the slimy feel that salt-based softeners leave.


There are no by-products, filters to replace, chemicals to add, energy required or maintenance needed. Boost the effectiveness of our residential Bolt H2O Softener by adding Springbolt to your appliance water lines, faucets and showers.


Treat all your liquids from milk to juices to alcoholic beverages for better taste, balancing pH and improved bioavailability.


Purchase comes with one year Limited Manufacturers Warranty.


Springbolt Benefits for Home


Reduces and reverses scale buildup in appliances and pipes

Softer water requires less detergent and chemicals

Healthier water for drinking, cooking and bathing

Less residue in showers, toilets and sinks

Happier house plants and cut flowers

Less chlorine and pathogens

Extend appliance life


Springbolt Benefits for Garden


Reduce irrigation requirements by 20%

Improves soil penetration and moisture retention

Healthier turfgrass & plant vigor

Improves seed germination

Healthier soils

3/4" Springbolt

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