Drift Control (Stainless Steel) -  2" (Multi Stage)

Product Summary


Improve mixing with improved solubility and reduce viscosity with Magnation’s Rainbolt for Sprayers (formerly known as Drift Control). Decrease droplet size to the optimal size while still preventing drift, improve uniformity of distribution, better foliar coverage with increased spray angle (due to polarization), accelerate absorption, reduce runoff, and maximize your chemical investment.


Easy-to-install and long lasting, Rainbolt for Sprayers is a sustainable method for using 10-30% less chemicals — saving money, time and our environment when spraying.

Chemical-free, energy-free and maintenance-free—and zero byproducts.


Rainbolt Benefits


Reduced chemical and water requirements

Keeps sprayer parts, pumps and nozzles free of mineral build up

Improved water buffering of solution

Reduced drift and surface run-off

Improves fungicide effectiveness

Reduce or eliminate surfactants

Improved surface coverage

Improved foliar absorption

Increased spraying angle

Improved distribution

Reduced leaf burn

Drift Control (Stainless Steel) - 2" (Multi Stage)