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Vitalised water for home & garden

Soften water without the use of salts, prevent and reverse mineral scale buildup, increase water flow and pressure, cut detergents and cleaning chemicals by half, extend appliance life and effectiveness, and reduce water and energy consumption.

Our solutions require zero maintenance after installation... no filters to replace, no added salts or chemicals, and no electricity. Not only clean and green with zero by-products, but powerfully effective and simple. Expected lifespan: 10+ years.

A pillar of improving our wellness is to hydrate. The kidneys play a lead role in balancing our body pH, and dehydration drastically slows their roll.

The water quality matters in terms of how well our body can hydrate itself from the water we drink. Water molecules don’t fly solo — they form clusters. Tap water, for instance, is most often comprised of large clusters of water molecules. These large clusters are more difficult and more time-consuming for our body to absorb them. Water that is treated with a vitaliser is more easily absorbed because the hydrodynamic magnetic resonance restructures it, breaking down the large clusters into small ones.

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