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Sport Fields - The Benefits

Our water solutions will help improve turf quality, and improve water and energy efficiency by 20% to 50% with softer, more efficient water. Impact every aspect of your operation.

Denser, more uniform turf

Improved player safety

Improved soil infiltration

Better moisture retention

Reduced irrigation by 20%

Reduced chemical use  by 10-50%

Improved solubility of chemicals

Reduced water friction,

Better flow with less pressure

Reduced scale buildup & corrosion

Extended equipment longevity

Reduced maintenance!


Better Grass Density


PSV Eindhoven is also proud user of Magnation, seeing more turf uniformity and better quality turf using 20% less water.

""In addition to better distribution of irrigation water, there is more grass density on the treated side of the field, and that counts!"

PSV Eindhoven, Professional Dutch Soccer Club, The Netherlands

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