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Turritap - Mountain Spring Water From the Tap

What makes water from a mountain stream taste so different from tap water? To answer that question Cees Kamp conducted 10 years of scientific research into the "vitalization" of water. How could he accurately and faithfully “restore” tap water? He found the answer in bio-mimicry; whereby Nature is seen as an inspirer and inventor. The key was the swirling inner channel of a seashell, the Turritella.


From Turritella to Turritap
The Turritap is the pinnacle of biomimicry, based on Mother Nature's geometry of the Turitella Shell. The inner core of the Turritap is a twisted channel which perfectly mimics the Turitella shell. Water swirls through this in a natural way and comes out as “twisted good water” from the tap.

Turn your ordinary tap water into vitalised mountain spring water with the Turritap!

Install in minutes and enjoy the benefits for a life time


Wonderful! We highly Recommend the Turritap!

"We bought the Turritap this summer and are really happy that we have vitalised water. Our son has a disorder and is hypersensitive to stimuli. This costs him a lot of energy. Since he started drinking vitalised water from the Turrritap he has improved more and more and he is now much more energetic. Obviously not in a few weeks. But after using the Turritap for 4 months we all notice the difference and so does he. Wonderful!

I have had dental issues with a lot of pain. The dentist has done a lot for me but I noticed when brushing my teeth that the water is much softer for my gums. We highly recommend the Turritap. 

Pijpers Family - The Netherlands

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