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Water optimization without using chemicals

Solve hard water problems. Eliminate biofilm, odors and bacteria. Save energy by reducing pump pressure. Reduce downtime. Improve solubility. Better spray. Reduce water use. Reduce maintenance and increase equipment lifetim.

By treating your hard water issues, the cascading benefits touch most aspects of your processing operation.


The bottom line is saving money, saving time, reducing emissions and byproducts that impact our environment, and a healthier work environment for your crew.


The best return on your investment is treating your operations life line: water.

Solve mineral scale and prevent corrosion

Energy consumption increases with mineral scale buildup on the interior of pipes. As diameter size decreases, less room for water to move transfers into more energy required to move the water. Solve mineral scale and lighten the load on your pumps for better pressure with less obstacles. The beauty of not using chemicals is zero by-products, zero ongoing maintenance. Leverage physics and polarization to not only prevent, but also reverse scale sustainably.


Solve biofilm, bacteria, odors and synergstic toxicity.

Improve sanitation and biosecurity with physical treatments that prevent bacteria, mold, algae, fungus and odors from forming. By eliminating environments (mineral scale, for example) for these safety issues to grow, We offer highly effective solutions for your processing facility with zero byproducts.


Save energy with improved fluid hydraulics (flow).

Vital water has significantly reduced friction making it move easier and farther. With one easy once off installation step, you can improve flow with less energy.

Boost pump performance, reduce downtime and extend equipment life.

Energy & maintenance costs will account for 50-95% of pump ownership costs, with initial costs less than 15% of pump life cycle costs. Our products will increase pump efficiency by more than 10% with reduced hydraulic friction. This means less energy required to do more work and a better return on your equipment investment. With reduced fouling, longer equipment life, and less maintenance it makes sense to install our passive inline water treatment once with many years of saving expenses that can be spent elsewhere in your operation.

Improve solubility with reduced surface tension.

Maximize chemical investments with improved solubility including water-based chemicals, disinfectants, mold preventatives, pesticides and sanitizers. Improve food safety, food processing, decontamination, industrial coating, scale and corrosion control.

Water conservation.

Reduce excessive blowdown water consumption in cooling towers, evaporative condensers, evaporative coolers, evaporative cooled air-conditioners, and central boilers (both steam and hot water) by reducing TDS earlier in the heating/cooling cycle to function optimally with hardware, and reducing maintenance (including filters, pipes, spray heads, valves, plumbing fixtures and pumps) for industrial applications.

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