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Industrial - The Benefits

Solve mineral scale issues

Reduce pump energy by 15%

Improve flow & pressure

Improve sanitation

Less maintenance

Longer equipment life

Water conservation

Less blowdown

Less CO2 emissions

Zero by-products

Healthier environment

Save resources & time





58% reduction in blowdown costs

""Using Rainbolt SS 2" on a 2 ton capacity boiler, Naveena Denim Industries has experienced significant reduction in cost of its boiler operations with a payback time of less than 3 months on the investment. Recovery of condensate water decreased from 974 to 754 m3 which means overall efficiency of the boiler inreased by 7.4%. The number of blowdowns decreased from 12 to 5 per 24 hours means more than 58% blowdown cost saved."

Asad Bukhari, Wenergy International, Pakistan

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