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Dairy Farms - The Benefits

Water is the most important and often the most overlooked component of animal health.


For dairy & cattle, milk production and meat quality rely on hydration and nourishment.


Water quality issues can lead to lost performance and a host of costly problems.


Our technologies are rooted in natural science and have been successfully used for years by farmers across the world, including the United States, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. Our vitalizers improve the health of the cows and the production and quality of the milk. In addition, the slurry quality improves, limescale dissolves and cleaning will be more effective. The water vitalizer is a one-time investment and requires no maintenance and electricity.

The farmer will see the following benefits:

Healthier cows

Improved stable environment

Reduced medicine costs

Reduced veterinary costs

Higher quality & quantity milk

Higher quality manure

No scaling issues

Once off-investment

No maintenance

No electricity costs

Removal of scale in installations

Lower energy costs

Lower water friction

Longer equipment life

Stables will be easier to clean


Hydrated cows are better producers

"There's a difference between your cows having enough water and being hydrated. If you have a tough day and something happens where you run out of water, the cows know that they're out of water. They will lie down and not produce. Now, with the system, we're better able to handle those times. The cows are more hydrated with less water. The cows are better able to handle all kinds of stress. The overall water quality in the whole system really does make a difference. You don't wait until you run out of water before doing something, your cows are consistently hydrated with less water."

Weibe Dijkstra, Dairy Farmer, Random Lake, WI

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