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Home Benefits

Softens water without adding salts with zero electricity or maintenance

Reduces and reverses scale buildup in appliances and pipes

Improve evap coolers & swimming pool maintenance

Excellent for coffee machines and larger appliances

Softer water requires less detergent and chemicals!

Healthier water for drinking, cooking and bathing

Less residue in showers, toilets and sinks

Happier house plants and cut flowers

Reduces chlorine and pathogens

Extend lifespan of appliances

Better water pressure

Better tasting water

Softer skin and hair!

Zero maintenance

No slimy feel

Garden Benefits

Reduce water consumption by 20%

Improves soil penetration and moisture retention for healthy soils

Increases plant vigor and disease resistance

Better quality home-grown produce

Reduces fertilizer and pesticides

Increases turf uniformity

Balances soil pH


Super Product, Vitalised Good Tasting Water, Simple Solution!

"The importance of water for our body has been clear to me as an orthomolecular nutritionist and intestinal specialist for years. However, the importance of vital water only in recent years. Besides healthy food and drinking, I am a big believer in making things easy. Simple solutions that you can apply immediately and preferably sustainable. The Turritap has both in 1! Vital, great tasting water in a simple solution. And for a relatively low investment. Super nice product, I am a fan and now also an ambassador. A friend of mine recently thought we were drinking a top brand mineral water - it turned out to be tap water transformed by the Turritap. Try it yourself, the water really tastes better!"

Denise Boon - Orthomolecular Intestinal Specialist, Baarn, Netherlands

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